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About Web Development Atlanta, Athens, Augusta:

Willy Web Solutions is a professional Web Development Company: website design, web designer: hosting/maintenance, & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist consulting firm for professional practices and small to medium size businesses.  Our custom website design, web designer services, website development, and hosting company has been in business in Atlanta, Athens, and Augusta Georgia for 15 years.

In the long run, do it yourself website models work for a very small percentage of people because they are still  too complicated and too time consuming for the majority.

The fact is they would make more money by doing what they do best and letting a professional build their Internet Marketing program in Atlanta, Athens,
& Augusta.

Willy Web Solutions was initially formed to provide websites that worked to small businesses based simply on the fact that the Internet was still in its' early stages of growth, and business had not yet fully recognized the potential opportunities that existed for Internet Marking.  In the initial days, we simply flew by the seat of our pants as there was not that many business models that really appealed to us.  Most companies in Atlanta, Athens, & Augusta do a web design and development: hand it over to the business and walk away with their cash in hand.  Many still do that today.  Some others offer "Content Management" systems that give the client the ability to manage the system once it is built.  While others offer complete build from scratch and self-help systems.  In the long run, these models work for a very small percentage of people because they are still too complicated and too time consuming for the majority.  The fact is they would make more money by doing what they do best and letting a professional build their Internet Marketing program in Atlanta, Athens, or Augusta.  Content Management systems can be expensive and the fact is that they know that the majority of these buyers will be knocking on their door for them to do updates anyway.  And what happens if that company who built an expensive "Content Management System" goes out of business when the software is one of a kind.  I personally know one of these situations.

Our Business Model: Web Designs Includes
Full Organic Search Engine Optimization

Our Atlanta, Athens, Augusta Web Design & Development Business Model:
  • Excellent Presentation (it has to look good and have immediate impact)
  • Functionality (easy to get around)
  • Full Organic SEO (get on the 1st pages of search engines)
  • On-going Support Built-In (cost-effective monthly maintenance for updates and search engines keeping your current all the time)

Willy Web Solutions , based upon experience, knew that web designs had to be appealing and functional (easy to use).  But, designing websites that simply sat there and became obsolete didn't make sense either.  Additionally, a good looking website that changed as your business changed is good, but not good enough.  If you really want a successful website and a business that grows dynamically not just internally, you need to be on the 1st pages of search engines.  Therefore, we had to develop a top notch SEO program.  Willy Web Solutions spent the next 1 1/2 years testing and evaluating software programs and companies before finding the right combination that addressed all of our concerns and lived up to our expectations delivering SEO results.  This became the basis of our Business Model: Presentation, Functionality and SEO.  We offer discounts when we do the web design, development, host and maintain the website.  Our fees include full organic optimization, monthly updates, and on-going search engine submission.

Willy Web Solutions was founded at the beginning of 2000 by Terry G. Diggs and Michele Hamlin after successful private corporate careers:

Terry G. Diggs has over 20 years of experience in management and information systems; a VP and Senior Operations Office of one of the largest banks in the US managing multiple divisions and information systems: an IT Consultant for Compuware; a Y2K Project Manager for Sun Trust Bank; and M&A on the information systems for two major banks.

Michele Hamlin has over 20 years of Senior Sales experience for two fortune 500 companies: Wells Fargo, Borg-Warner.  Michele had a very successful sales career.  Michele has used that experience well in developing the marketing program for Willy Web Solutions.


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