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Willy Web Solutions is a professional Website Design Company: Website Development, Hosting, & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist consulting firm for professional practices and small to medium size businesses.  Our custom website designer services, web development, and hosting company has been in business in Atlanta, Athens, and Augusta Georgia for
over 15 years.

According to Microsoft and other studies, you have 10 to 15 seconds to get your visitors attention, otherwise,
it is Good Bye!

Web Designer Services has to be part of an overall process that incorporates the clients business concepts and objectives into a working form that captures the client's business in a presentation that quickly captures its' potential audience attention immediately.  However, content is more important then ever as Search Engines continually rank websites higher that provides good information and solutions. That is why the Custom Designer Service is a critical component of an overall process.

Content is King, but
Attractiveness, User-Friendliness is Critical, but
1st, You Have to Get Visitors to Your Site
Organic SEO is a Must

  1. What are the critical components of a successfully designed website?
  2. How do you know if your website is successful?
  3. What is the single biggest mistake people make?

The Single Biggest Mistake is Underestimating the Importance
 of a Good Website and How Much Money a
Good Website Can Make.

What are the critical components of a successfully designed website?

We believe that there are three critical factors that affect the success of a website:

  • Presentation - It has to look good and capture the visitor's attention immediately.  You only have 10 to 15 seconds.  This often gets into subjectivity, but we would suggest that you combine your ideas with those that have successful web designer experience.  Even with all the advances on the Internet, there are still some limitations.  We can build just about anything you want.  Just ask!
  • Functionality - This is a biggie.  Many websites are so difficult to navigate that visitors are often frustrated even if they like what they see.  They just leave.  A website has to be simple to get around.  Contrary to popular belief, everyone is not a computer guru.  Keep it as easy as possible even for large sites and it can be done.
  • SEO - First pages of Search Engines must be built into the Content.  Even if you have the best looking website in the world, you are not going to get a lot of business if no one can find you except for those you personally send there.   The Internet is much too important of a marketing tool to be left idle.

Willy Web Solutions Offers a Total Solution:
Web Designer -  Web Development - SEO
Company in Atlanta, Athens, & Augusta

How do you know if your website is successful?

You know if your website is successful by tracking results.  How many visitors do you get, (visitors not hits)?  How many of them come back?  How many are adding you to their favorites?  How many different keywords/phrases were used that brought people to your site? How many visitors came through the Search Engines.  And, of course when you make a sale, do you ask how they heard about you?

Willy Web tracks these things for you so you don't have to spend your time trying to figure it out but we keep you informed and send you reports for your review so you are in the loop.

What is the single biggest mistake people make?

Mistakes come in many shapes and sizes:

  • Poor Content.
  • Very poorly designed web sites with people sometimes asking some high prices for their products or services.
  • Dated websites.  Does not reflect their current services and/or products.
  • Bad functionality.  Can't figure out how you found something and know you will never find it again when you return.
  • Few or no positions on first pages resulting in low traffic.
  • The single biggest mistake is underestimating the importance of a good website and how much money it can make when done right!!

Willy Web Solutions
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Serving The Greater Metro Atlanta - Athens - Augusta, Georgia

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