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Internet Marketing -  Questions You Should Ask Your Web Designer/Developer?

With the growth of the web and web marketing comes many new companies into the field of custom web site design, web development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and web hosting.

Here are some suggested questions to help you avoid spending a lot of money,
receiving a lot of broken promises along with ending up with a
web site that dies a slow death or does not work.



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  1. How much new business should you get from a website with good SEO?

    A). If you have a good service, we expect to increase your business by 25 to 50% in 6 to 9 months.  For some, even much more depending upon what you offer and your market area.   We have doubled some businesses.

    Does SEO and Structured Data Matter!

    Many has written articles declaring the death of SEO.

    Wrong!  Google recently admitted that they use Rich Snippets which are derived from SEO practices that
    include Good Content & Meta Data or
    Structured Data!

    Don't BELIEVE Everything You Read!

    Many of these writers have never built a website!

  2. My business is located in a small town outside of Augusta.  How can get business in Augusta or Athens.

    A). We target market your product or service geographically with SEO and SEM.  We have successfully targeted Augusta and Athens with first pages simultaneously for our other clients.  We can do this for multiple geographical locations.

  3. Can your web designer/developer show examples of their websites that dominate 1st pages?

    A). We can.

  4. Can your designer show you different custom designs or do they just use a template?

    A). We can.

  5. Will they provide you with references upon request?

    A). We will.

  6. Do I have to have a website that is mobile friendly?

    A). It is not a simple yes or no answer for all businesses. There is no question that the 25 to 35 year olds are heavy users of mobile devices; tablets, cell phones, etc..  Additionally, Google will rank higher for mobile friendly devices but this applies only to cell phone searches at this time.  Therefore, you may want to consider the impact on your: Design, Your Target Market, Your Service or Product, and the cell phone line speed.   Cell phone purchases are still under 10%, and what are they buying.  Most cell phones are still 3G and not that good at downloading a lot of photos.  Will someone buy a refrigerator, stove, fences, commercial signage on a cell phone?  I definitely encourage businesses with products/services or social media related businesses that target this age group to consider mobile friendly as necessary.  We do know that mobile market share will only continue to grow but I suggest looking at all factors and implications for your specific business, then make the decision that is best for you.  And, we are always willing to help!

  7. Once they design your site and collect their fee, what are their on-going support responsibilities and what are the costs?  A successful website requires on-going support.  We often have people at our doorsteps as soon as 9 months after their web designer is long gone looking for help.  This can be costly as all software is not compatible and may require significant modifications or upgrades.

    A). We offer a complete service if that is what you want: hosting, maintenance, and on-going SEO.

  8. Do you just build a Wordpress or Joomla website, hand it over and walk away.

    A). Yes, we can do that, but here are some facts that you need to know about template websites.

    1). Template websites require a higher level of security as their themes have historically been hacked, therefore, you hack one theme, you hack all themes.  Wordpress is the most hacked theme website on the Net.
    2).  Theme websites are heavy and slow on the Net which will require a higher speed hosting system which increase cost.  Speed of loading is an SEO consideration per Google.
    3). Theme websites typically require a lot of Plug-Ins; SEO, Google ID, Site Map, Slide Shows, etc.
    4). Theme website templates require on-going updates which can blow up plug-ins and plug-ins can require updates.
    5). Themes may become obsolete and no longer supported with updates by Wordpress or Joomla.
    6).  The truth is that Template Websites will usually cost more then our custom websites due to the high maintenance requirements, dated themes, and technical problems that bring it to a halt.
    7).  We have been asked to fix many broken Wordpress sites with dated themes, run slowly on the Net, and many plug-in issues.

  9. What is their experience as a company with Search Engine Ranking, Placements and Web Site Promotion?

  10. How many of their web sites are on the first page of major search engines?  Ask for a demonstration.  Will they show real results?

  11. Is this their full-time day job?

OK, One More Really Big Question because I Just Keep Seeing This:

Someone Shows Up with an E-mail GUARANTEEING 1st Pages of Search
Engines in 30 or 60 Days or you Get your Money Back.

- They helped start Google or They have a Special Deal with Google.

I would suggest you get their full name, address, e-mail, phone number
and ask Google about their GUARANTEE and their SPECIAL DEAL.

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