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  1. I already have all the business we can handle -
     It is a bad  assumption to believe that business will always continue at the same level.  Quite to the contrary, all businesses will go through business cycles.  You don't want to lead the cycle to the downside when it occurs.  By the time you think you need advertising, it is often too late.
    b) Supply and Demand.  The more demand, the more you can charge for your product or service which translates to higher returns on your efforts, or reduced hours of work with the same return.  You never have too much business, if your adjust.

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  2. How do you tell the difference between a good web site design and a bad web site design - A good web site should be immediately appealing to the eye, easy to move around, and provide good content.  A good web site will have statistical data that proves the public likes it.  Sometimes, we see owners who may not like what the public likes.  We often tell people, if you don't want to hear our candid opinion on your current website, please don't ask.

  3. Why do I need a Web Site Development Company to maintain my site?  Can't I just build my own site and maintain it myself with all the free web site software and tools?
    a) In most cases, No.  Only a small % of people can build and maintain their own web site professionally and effectively.  Even less can effectively obtain 1st pages of search engines, almost no non-professional SEO can get 1st pages.
    b) Most people will make more money by concentrating on doing what they do best rather then spending weeks or months getting through the Internet learning curve.
    c) High quality web sites are not that easy to build and keep fresh.  Your site should be appealing, easy to navigate and is updated.
    d) We have regular requests by businesses of all sizes to take over their web site and/or to finish construction, then maintain it.  Most web designers and developers do not want to take over someone else's problems or convert their tools to their own.  It can be done, but sometimes it may cost as much as a new site.

  4. What is the best way to market a web site - The best way is through SEO (organic search engine optimization).  Pay Per Click may also be appropriate in certain circumstances.  Also, your web site address should be provided wherever there is a communication: e-mail signature line, phone answering machines, advertising materials, business cards, outside signage, on recorded messages, letters, forms, envelopes, etc. 

  5. Do Search Engines work? -  Absolutely, but keep realistic expectations.  The Internet is a big place with constantly changing rules.  Top listings with major search engines is a never ending battle.  We believe that 1st page listings with good products/services with a quality website will deliver more bang for the buck then any other marketing method today.  You have to have a good SEO company promoting your website on an on-going basis.  We expect to increase your business by 25 to 50%, but more in many cases.

  6. How long does it take for a Search Engines to list my site and get 1st pages? - There are no guarantees and times will vary from search engine to search engine.  It depends upon the industry as well and the amount of competition.  We have seen indexing and positions obtained in 30 to 60 days sometimes while others have take 60 to 120 days or a little longer in rare cases.

  7. Why are back-up files important? - It is absolutely necessary to have back-up copies of your websites.  We keep 2 back-ups, one on-site, and one off-site in addition to the live site on a 3rd party server.  No matter what anyone tells you, you can lose your main systems including those on a 3rd party server even if they claim to have back-up servers.  You have to be prepared to move everything quickly if dire circumstances occur. 

  8. Can Websites that are All Pictures be Optimized? - The short answer is NO.  There are websites that are being built with pictures and almost no Text  or pictures of TEXT.  Typically, if you can't paint over the text and highlight it, it is not text, or if you can right click on it and it gives you as save as, it is not text.  There are some methods to work with these issues, but in the long-run, it is usually more cost-effective and effective to build it SEO friendly with excellent content.  Content is king right now and that requires excellent text with good information.

Willy Web Solutions is a Professional Custom Web Site Design, Web Designer, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and Web Development consulting company  for professional practices and small to medium size businesses that explains what we do and how we do it.


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